The Girl in the Moon c. 1923 (x)

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Would you trade the messy parts of your life – the dumb things you do and say, the moments when you drink too much and regret it or speak candidly at a gathering about things best kept private, or the times you waste whole days in bed watching bad movies or cry-eating or Tinder flipping in the work bathroom, the bad dates you go on just for unfulfilling sex, the blowing money on gifts for yourself that you’ll probably never use – for the assurance that you’ll be comfortable and comforted and practical? I waver between those poles, wondering if it’s better to fuck up and feel things instead of letting life unravel painlessly. But then the mistakes tend to outweigh the good and I feel like I look back on years as an extended onslaught of bad things. It’s all very tiring.

Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

Godammit, Chris Pratt.

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If you’re ever not quite sure of the depth of pain and misery two humans can cause one another in a marriage, just pull out a copy of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and listen in awe and horror as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham kick the living shit out of each other. The most famous example of this is “You Can Go Your Own Away,” on which Buckingham is basically saying: ‘Hey! You’re the love of my life! I want to give you everything!’ but ultimately resigning himself to absolute rejection. But our favorite part of Rumours is final track of the record, “Gold Dust Woman,” when Nicks basically calls Buckingham a massive, snivelling baby for being upset about his marriage going to shit, and admitting that, yes, she is actually a bit evil. by Rae Alexandra (via nicks-buckingham)

The X-Files 1x01 (1993) | The Fall 1x01 (2013)

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Mädchen Amick photographed by Barry Hollywood for In Fashion magazine, Summer 1991. Clothing by Norma Kamali.

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